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We are Russian branch of Walli INC USA.

We are providing several financial and retail solutions to the market, one of them is Walli kiosk.


What is Walli kiosk

  • More than 10 000 billers available to pay
  • Transparent commission structure for each service
  • Worldwide money transfer
  • Affordable kiosk price for retailers. Variable terms for kiosk buying
  • Intuitively understandable interface in English and Spanish languages
  • Regular retailers training

Why Walli kiosk
can help you in business

  • Bill payment and money transfer generate new customers in your store and keep your current customers loyal
  • Self service format optimises working time of the retail staff
  • Fair commission for the services attracts new revenue stream to your business
  • Regular training and dedicated Walli manager keep you in line with all market trends and promo
  • Flexible terms of Kiosk upfront sale or renting satisfies any budget and allows you to start the business right away
  • Using our advanced technology adds a positive image to your store

How Walli works

  • Kiosk
  • Retailer (operator)
  • Billing system (Walli)
  • Provider
  • Customer balance

Walli kiosk is a new way to pay